FAQ's about Onetreeplanted

Posted by Luke Helsel on Jun 7th 2021

FAQ's about Onetreeplanted

Many of you have asked about our partnership with OneTreePlanted.org and we'd like to answer some of your questions! See below some FAQ's about our partnership with this company.

Q: How many trees are planted when we buy a Christmas tree from Packaged Pines? 

A: When you purchase one Christmas tree from Packaged Pines, OneTreePlanted will plant one tree. The great thing about this partnership is it increases the number of trees planted overall; when our farmers cut a tree and sell it as a Christmas tree, they plant anywhere between one to three trees back in its place. That being said, in six to eight years time those trees that were replanted are going to be cut down as a Christmas tree. With OneTreePlanted, the tree that is planted is going to be able to grow for however long it would in nature.

Q: Where are the trees planted? 

A: The location where these trees are planted varies from year to year and OneTreePlanted goes all over the world to plant trees. This Christmas season (2021) Packaged Pines has decided to contribute to the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest. As a business, we feel as though this is an area that is seriously in need of reforestation and want to direct our efforts towards this area. 

In the future, we're going to enable the members of our mailing list to fill out a questionnaire to determine the focus of the year's tree planting. 

Q: What tree species are planted?

A: The species of tree that is planted largely depends on the area that the tree is being planted in. That being said here's a few examples below.

North America: Apple, Balsam Fir, Black Walnut, Californian Redwood, Colorado Blue Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Gray Birch, Noble Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Red Spruce, River Birch, Sugar Maple, and White Fir.

Latin America: Aspen tree, Avocado tree, Banana tree, Capirona, Mango tree, Palm tree, and Plum tree.

Asia: Bonsai, Cherry Blossom tree, Coojong, Japanese Maple tree, Magnolia, Medang, Olive tree, Rowan tree, and the Sydney Blue Gum tree.

Africa: African Juniper, Cacao tree, Croton Megacarpas, Giant Yellow Mulberry, Lemon tree, Markhamia, South African Wild Pear, and the Ugandan Greenheart.