Buying a Christmas tree has never been this easy.

Whats included with your Order?

Farm-to-front door freshness.

Each tree that you purchase from Packaged Pines has been cut the day of shipping. You deserve only the freshest cut Christmas trees, we'll make sure you get that.

Ultimate convenience in a box.

We're all about convenience. Every tree that we sell comes pre-stood on a stand. Gone are the days of putting your tree on a stand, take your tree out of the box and you're ready to decorate!

Absolutely zero carbon footprint.

For every Christmas tree that you buy from us, we plant one tree in a heavily deforested area. It's our responsibility to have a positive impact on our planet and remain carbon negative.

We offer two premium grades.

Designer grade

Our designer grade Christmas trees have plenty of space in between the branches, they make for the perfect canvas for large ornaments and complex decor to be placed.

Snowfresh Grade

Our snowfresh grade trees have very little space in between the branches, these trees create the ideal canvas for smaller lights and smaller ornaments to be placed.

Three Species to choose from.

Fraser Fir 5 foot to 6 foot size Christmas tree
Concolor Fir 5 foot to 6 foot Snowfresh Christmas tree

Balsam Fir Snowfresh Varient 5'-6' Tall

Find your next favorite ornament set in our fully stocked inventory.

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