Concolor Fir

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With long and waxy needles, the Concolor Fir is one of the softest Christmas trees available.

The branches on the Concolor fir are dense in concentration and provide a thick canvas for decoration. 

These trees are some of the most fragrant Christmas trees on the market and will fill your home with a clean citrus-like evergreen scent.

Snowfresh: Very thick branch structure with lots of support for plenty of lights, less room for large ornaments.

Designer: More sparse branch structure with plenty of room for large ornaments, ideal for designers with complex decorations.

Care instructions: 

After recieving your Packaged Pine Christmas tree, place the box in the place where you'd like the tree to reside in your home. Make sure to have the box set down on the plastic base. Then, begin to tear away the cardboard pullaway tabs from the sides of the box. Once these are fully removed and your tree is visable, remove the recycleable plastic shell from the tree.

Following this, allo your trees' limbs to slowly fall down; do not force or pull them down as this can damage them. While you're waiting for your Christmas trees' limbs to fall down, it's a good idea to fill up the watering bowl with water. Once your trees' limbs have returned to their natural shape, get started at decorating your Christmas tree!

Water your tree daily; a good reminder to keep your Christmas tree properly watered is to fill up the bowl every day before you go to work. 

As with every tree you purchase from Packaged Pines, this tree is included with: 
  • A stand already already set up on the tree. 
  • An easy cleanup bag already on the base.
  • A full coverage warranty in case of any shipping damages.